About the Author

kn-author-photoD. Lesley Leslie is the author of many health and wellness books for children as well as the adult fiction novel, KAVLA. Born in England to South African parents, she was raised in Canada and now resides in the Middle East. She has an open, honest outlook on life and considers herself a citizen of the world. She is equally as comfortable having dinner with political luminaries as she is sleeping under the stars in the desert. Her motto is a quote from John Wooden; ‘Make each day your masterpiece,’ and truly believes in living life to the fullest.

Although the adult and children’s books are widely disparate in content, she loves the philosophical connection between herself and her readers, regardless of the demographic or subject matter. She welcomes all suggestions, comments and questions.

Excerpt  from KAVLA

“The obsidian sky
was studded with a million sparkling crystals and although summer was nearing its demise, the air was warm and deliciously fragrant with the scent of hibiscus. As Sorrel reached the water’s edge, she smoothly slipped off her halter dress and waded in. Jordan and Lily were holding hands a few steps behind and they stopped and stared as she glided even further until the water reached her waist. Reaching up with both arms she released her curls, which promptly raced down her back in a tawny tangle and then without pause, she continued out until the tiny waves swallowed her whole.

For what seemed like forever they stared and waited for her to resurface, until her head rose smoothly from the water a few meters away. Lifting a glowing arm, she beckoned them to join her and they did as if under her spell. Dropping their clothes at the water’s edge, they moved to where she was standing as still as a marble statue; nipples erect and her eyes as dark as the water’s depths. They stood waist deep in the silk of the sea and came together as one; their tongues a sensual coil with no discernable beginning nor end.”

Book  Synopsis

Beautiful twosome Jordan and Lily, embark on a quest for the perfect person to join their lives and Sorrel is the gorgeous realization of all their dreams. A provocative and excitingly explicit journey into the world of polyamory that will stimulate your mind as much as your senses. With a sophisticated story to match its mature theme; Kavla is a book you won’t be embarrassed to read.

Jordan and Lily, a married couple in their mid-thirties, reside in the trendy Vancouver district of Kitsilano. Jordan teaches Ancient Greek Mythology at the University of British Columbia and Lily is a partner in a dynamic, successful advertising agency. Some years earlier, Lily had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer which rendered her unable to bear children. Desperate for a baby, they unsuccessfully traveled the adoption route and went so far as to hire a surrogate, but were devastated when neither attempt resulted in a child. As a last resort, they decide to explore other less conventional ways to develop their family.

Sorrel, a young gastroenterologist from the beautiful, bucolic city of Nelson responds to their advertisement for a room-mate and the three are immediately aware of a potent, inexplicable connection. During Jordan’s birthday party, the two women share an intimate kiss on the beach, which leads Sorrel to the shocking realization that this crazy, gorgeous couple has chosen her to be the one.