What an amazing experience!

Attending the largest book fair in the entire world as an exhibitor/author with a sum total of ONE book is not for the faint of heart. Armed with 20 nicely bound copies of the first four chapters of KAVLA, 500 brochures, an equal number of business cards and a whole lot of chutzpah, I arrived at the venue the day before the fair began. Just to provide a little perspective:

Almost 8,000 exhibitors attended this year’s event.

My booth was located in Hall #8; home to most of the English-speaking companies and was roughly the size of 4 football fields. Multiply that by two floors.

Halls 1-7 were equally enormous.

However, my booth was situated in a great location; on the corner of a busy intersection in the hall. Not only that, it was beautifully decorated with full length posters of my book cover, excerpt and associated art, all thanks to Scott Steele and Mark Jooste at ZGM Collaborative Marketing. http://zgm.ca/

Numerous times each and every day, people stopped in just to ask who had created the great graphics for my book and booth. Considering that all the book industry powerhouses were present; it was extremely gratifying that there was so much interest in my product.

If the booth drew them in; the book itself kept people visiting. On the first day alone, seven international publishing companies requested the foreign rights for KAVLA. How exciting for an author with an unpublished novel! Needless to say, my life has been exponentially crazier post-fair…